Free Webinar— "How to Get Started With Playbooks in Five Simple Steps"

Thursday, October 6th

@ 11:00AM EST, 8:00AM PST

Live Training Webinar

Discover how to harness Playbooks.
When I first heard about Dan Martell's unique Playbook methodology I was intrigued, and am proud to report my team is finally using them in my business, with great results. 

Darryl Hicks, Founder/CEO @Tungsten

Along the way I've learned a few things that might help you with your own Playbook program, so I decided to host this webinar and share them.
For instance, the resistance I encountered from my leadership team (and how we overcame it), the misguided mindset that leads to Playbook blindness and the fundamental problem with internal WIKI's.

And of course, the five specific steps you can follow to get started with Playbooks in your business right away. Here are the five steps we'll explore in the webinar:
  • Step #1 - Debate & Socialization
  • Step #2 - Metrics & Gamification
  • Step #3 - Choosing the Champion 
  • Step #4 - Experimentation & Adaptation
  • Step #5 - Improvement & Adoption
Basically, I'm going to share everything I know about this methodology. 

Obviously, when it comes to Playbooks, I'm not the world's foremost expert or anything, but I am a tech entrepreneur like you, committed (and sometimes struggling) to helping his team become more efficient, productive and fulfilled. If you can relate, join me on this webinar. Maybe it can help you, too.
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