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 How One Tech CEO in Montreal Put Playbooks to Work In 90 Days, Without Completely Losing His Mind

As a fellow student of Dan Martell, you've heard that you need to use Playbooks to systematize your business. In this webinar I'll share how my team at Tungsten implemented his methodology to revolutionize the way we work in 2016.
Share Learnings
Playbooks are powerful repositories of shared learnings, so that your team doesn't have to constantly start from scratch with every task
Enable Your Best Minds
Ideally, every time your smartest and most brilliant minds touch a playbook, it gets stronger and more valuable as an asset.
Stop Wasting Time
The world's most powerful leaders don't waste finite time on frivolous details. Do you?
If you're excited about getting Playbooks working for your business, but not sure where to start, this webinar is for you.
It's a no-strings-attached gift for ITE Members. Looking forward to the chat.
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